A month plus of Ingress, so what's next?


i think this is going to be my last regular post about Ingress. There is really not all that much to write about beyond my own progress (which is boring compared to others) or discussing the current state of the game. There are plenty of sites dedicated to the state of Ingress, both the game and the state of play. I'll still post occasionally about it, but I do want to talk about other things.

Ingress isn't everything.

A big issue in Ingress right now is not balanced. As with most MMO, game balance is a serious issue. New players have to be supported as they are discover the game, but there has to be something to reward established players, particularly those that have reached the level cap. Unlike other a non-ARG, it is very difficult to partition the game space to address the different needs of the different populations of players.

Another significant issue with game balance is the amount of time individual players can dedicate to the game. Imagine trying to compete against a player who has the time to play the grind for 48-hours straight. Or a player who was able to grind to level cap in their first week of playing.

So, here I sit, almost to level 6, and I've reached my "now what" moment.

I think maybe it's time to back off of the game and find something else to do.

Ultimately, Ingress is going to be successful because there are people who want to play it, and they don't care how they play. One week they'll tell lower level players to not do something because one has to keep the larger game in mind, and the next week they'll do that exact thing because it makes them a more powerful player, and that ultimately is good for the faction.

To a certain degree, I understand that part of the problem I'm having with Ingress is that it involves becoming part of a larger community. And this isn't something I do easily. So I guess it's time to move on and make room for the people who want to play Ingress the "right way."

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