Welcome to the new SysMango.com

Submitted by Butch on Wed, 2016-06-01 - 22:06

Welcome to the new SysMango.com

I originally started this site in March of 2003. In the last couple of years, there's been a significant drop off in content. This chart is a view of how that looked from the beginning of the site until 2013. Notice just how much content generation falls off by the end of the timeline. The quality of much of the writing has not been good. This site is a personal blog, so having mediocre content is not a problem.

SysMango post count

With the upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, I've decided to start over.

Originally, I was going to try migrating the Drupal 6 content to the new Drupal 8 site, but there have been so many experiments using the site that that migration had some serious issues. The biggest problem was the amount of content that relied on modules that do not yet exist for Drupal 8. There was the messiness from an early experiment with alternative taxonomy modules that was not completely cleaned up in the database. There was an attempt to make everything in the site the same kind of entity, predating the Entity API. This experiment left behind cruft that the migration didn't exactly know how to migrate. I needed to put a lot of effort into migrating content that I didn't even want to read, let alone fix.

I had already thought about going through the site and pruning some of the content. There are some posts that I know the boys would like me to migrate, so they have something to point people at when they want them to understand me. I will be going through and looking at a backup of the site and migrating whatever content I like, by hand.

At a certain level, I'm afraid of which posts they will ask me to save.

Please have a look around. I hope you enjoy where I'm going.