Well, this is awkward. I posted something in April of 2022, blinked and it’s mid-January 2024 already.

Actually, I had originally started this post in Jan 3, but well, things happened.

Between work demends, everyone getting the normal winter sick (thankfully we haven’t had COVID-19 in the house since May 2022), I just haven’t had the time.

I have tried to keep the daily photos thing going, but honestly who really wants to see my face every day? (Hi, Mom!).

I’ve missed writing about a number of milestones:

  • the bulk of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed and I haven’t mentioned it (I really did want to).
  • I’ve worked from home for 15 years in April 2023.
  • I’ve had “the same” job for 25 yeras in Oct 2023, even if it was with 5 different companies, and probably about 20 different assignemnts
  • Lots of other things that probably would have warrented some kind of mention.

Mostly, my life has just been work. And this year has started off very busy. But, it’s work, so I’m not sure how much I really should say.

Topics I used to post a lot about:

  • This site (meta, it’s murder)
  • Dealing with social media (I konw, me too)
  • Things we used to do (umm, I get out of the house only about 8 times a month)

Mostly the domain exists for to be where my email goes. I never really thoght anyone would be reading this. I don’t have comments turned on anymore (free hosting + too much SPAM comments). I never was trying to sell anything.

Of course, this is here, so I might as well use it agin.

Let’s see where this goes.

I do miss what little bit of non-work, non-technical writing keeping the original site afforded me the opportunity to do. I think I may have been happier when I was writing more regularly.

It’s alwasy been something of screaming into the void. I don’t think I had anything like regular readers. Maybe family members who wanted to see how I was memorializing a holiday or birthday (in exploding head emojis). I think they would mostly just laugh and take away my “Legendary Uncle” status. But what more can I do from 300 miles away?

BTW: Happy Anniversary, Mom and Pops! 52 year.