Personal Hells

After the meeting that I just got out of, I found that I required a fair amount of walking around to get my head in order. An associate offered to lend an ear if I needed someone to talk to. Right now I think I just need someone to tell the following:

  1. I am a reasonably competent individual
  2. There is nothing about this issue that I cannot overcome
  3. The act of actually killing someone does nothing to educate them
  4. Getting upset over someone who does not know any better just makes me upset, and this accomplishes nothing
  5. Getting upset at someone 300 miles away for less than an act of war is useless.

OK, now I feel a little better. I don’t know if that is from having taken the really brisk walk through the office, or intentionally walking slow enough to be able to watch the little kids that someone brought into the office. Kids are wonderfully calming, when they are being good, or are in awe of a modern American office building.

“Mom, can I climb up these stairs? No, how about these other ones?”

<emote actor="self">

Deep, relaxing exhale.


No I just need to find something to make blowup. The joy of video games during lunch.